BBEdit 14

Bare Bones software has just updated one of my favorite apps, BBEdit, to version 14(!). The biggest feature is support for the Language Server Protocol (LSP), which does a lot to you in BBEdit if you’ve been dipping out to other apps primarily for better completion. The way support is built in, my experience has been that if you have the language server installed, it just works. LSP also enables BBEdit to show errors right in the sidebar, which is great.

Another new feature is the ability to create note documents which are automatically-titled and which are saved automatically. I’ve been using this one a lot too, since I’ll often stick some piece of text in a BBEdit window just to keep it somewhere for reference.

You can pick up BBEdit 14 from Bare Bones for $50 new, or $30 if you’re upgrading from any previous version. Can’t recommend it highly enough.