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iOS and Mac Development and Consulting


Hi. I’m Collin. I’ve been developing apps for iOS, macOS, and all the Apple platforms since 2008. In that time I’ve gotten to work at some really cool places on some really cool things.

I worked at Apple and helped rewrite Reminders and then make it even better from 2018-2021. People seem to have liked what we did with it.

Before that, I worked on the TED Talks app for iOS, and before that I worked on the Sonos apps for controlling your speakers.

I worked on a bunch of other things in the several years before, too. One cool thing I got to program for early on was Things by Cultured Code. So I guess I might be one of the foremost developers of todo list apps? I’ll take it.

Hire me

If you’re looking to get an app made, get help with an existing one, or help train your team, please get in touch. I’m happy to work solo, or with your team, and can also handle design if needed.

Specific services I offer include, but are not limited to:


If you’d like to get in touch, reach out to me by emailing